Custom Programs

Are you a student that wants to propose an event, location, program, or trip to be run by Outdoor Programs? Are you a professor or a student organization leader that wants to partner with us for an event or trip? See our trip proposal process below or contact for more information.

Custom Trip Proposal & Planning Process

1. Complete the Trip Proposal Form.

Due at least three weeks prior to your proposed trip. For classes and organizations, the more time you can give us to collaborate and plan together before a proposed event or trip, the better!

Feel free to come in to the Outdoor Programs office to work on the Trip Proposal Form with one of our staff members too.

2. Meet with Outdoor Programs Directors.

After you’ve submitted your trip proposal form, Outdoor Programs Directors will schedule a time to meet with you. The Directors will review your trip proposal before the meeting and come with suggestions for changes or updates.

During this meeting, we’ll discuss any changes or adjustments and the budget for the trip. We’ll also schedule a pre-trip meeting and plan for advertising and registration.

3. Outdoor Programs Directors will assign Trip Leaders to your program to help finalize plans for your trip and help lead your event or trip.

Trip Leaders are trained through Outdoor Programs in First Aid & CPR, emergency & risk management, and facilitation skills. They’ll help with requesting any group gear or food, completing planning forms, and can help in facilitating the event or trip.

Trip Leaders and staff can also assist with managing registrations, developing an advertising plan, and helping to manage paperwork.

4. Finalize trip and event plans with Trip Leaders and Staff.

We’ll confirm final details with you and send out information to participants.

5. Have a great time outside!