P.E. Classes

Outdoor activities often develop into life-long pursuits. The Physical Education department offers many outdoor-focused classes designed to increase opportunities to be active in the outdoors, gain new skills, and increase judgment and safety.


PED-063-01 – Indoor Rock Climbing: This class is mostly self-directed and is held off-campus at Climb Kalamazoo. Students learn basic climbing and belaying techniques for climbing. After one term of Indoor Rock Climbing, students are eligible to take the course again. All students are welcome, regardless of experience.

Fall Term

PED-163-01 – Backpacking: This class introduces students to local outdoor trails and teaches introductory hiking and backpacking skills. An overnight backpacking trip is required.

Spring Term

PED-180-01 – Intro to Canoeing: This course offers students with the opportunity to practice flat-water paddle skills and rescue techniques. Paddling sessions occur around Kalamazoo.


PED-099: LandSea participants receive PE credit for participating in the pre-orientation trip. LandSea Trip Leaders receive credit for each summer that they lead for the program.