Gear Rental Request Form

Find more information about pricing, gear info, and pick-up/drop-off on our Gear Rental Info page.

Outdoor Programs Gear Rental Form

  • Renter's Information

  • If you are not a K student, simply write in "Guest".
  • Rental Dates and Duration

    Open rental hours can be found on the Gear Rental page of the Outdoor Programs website.
  • MM slash DD slash YYYY
    We will contact you to confirm pick-up days/times with you once we receive your rental request.
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  • MM slash DD slash YYYY
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  • Please choose which, and how many, items you are looking to rent below.

    For things that require a size, or which you are requesting more than 4 of, please indicate size and quantity at the bottom of your form.
  • Camping - Cooking

    All things needed to store, prepare, and cook food.
  • (spatula, cutting board, knife, etc.)
  • (2L & 1.5L and 1.5L & 1L available)
  • 68 oz. (large)
  • (6 liter)
  • (1 liter)
  • Lightweight
  • gravity – 4L (good for groups)
  • pump (1-4 people)
  • (7 gallons)
  • Polar Pur (iodine)
  • Camping - Basic Gear

    Gear for tents, navigation, bear cans, sleeping bags, and more.
  • (rope, bag, carabiners)
  • (Garcia)
  • backpacking (Crazy Creek-style)
  • (includes trowel, TP, hand sanitizer)
  • Please specify desired location below.
  • Non-climbing
  • Please indicate below if you need: a car-camping or backpacking sleeping bag, what degree-rating, and your height for sizing purposes.
  • Please indicate below your height for sizing purposes.
  • 12′ (sleeps 1-4)
  • 16′ (sleeps 1-10)
  • Clothing & Boots

  • Please indicate size below in M or F sizing. If you have a preference on height, please let us know and we will do our best to accommodate, but we can not guarantee that we have what you prefer.
  • Please indicate size below.
  • Please indicate size below.
  • Please indicate size below.
  • Please indicate size below.
  • Please indicate size below.
  • Please indicate size below.
  • Climbing Supplies

  • Indicate your shoe size below, these can size wierdly so you will need to try them on when you pick them up. Includes chalk bag and chalk.
  • Miscellaneous Supplies

  • 20’x30′ with metal poles
  • Day, Weekend, and Week-Long options are available; specify which you would like in the notes section below.
  • Miscellaneous Activities

  • includes putter, mid-range, driver
  • Snow Activities

  • lightweight/adjustable
  • one size
  • If you have any questions about renting gear, please call or email our office. We are happy to assist you in any way we can!

    Email: Phone: (269)337-7357