Outdoor Suppliers

Outfitters to satisfy all of your Outdoor Programs, LandSea or KOC gear needs and more!

Suggested Options for Where to Buy Gear

: Quality gear suitable for LandSea can be bought at a number of online and store locations. The below links are provided only to give you an idea of what is available and what to look for. When shopping for gear, give yourself enough time to visit a number of suppliers to compare prices and brands.

Backcountry Store
Shopping Options: Online only.

Campmor provides great gear at low prices.
Shopping Options: Online only.

Eastern Mountain Sports offers a wide variety of outdoor gear and clothing.
Shopping Options: Shop online or at a store near you.

REI and REI Outlet
REI offers quality equipment and clothing in a variety of price ranges.
REI Outlet sells discontinued items from REI at discounted prices.
Shopping Options: Shop online (REI and REI Outlet) or at a store near you (REI only).

Sierra Trading Post
Shopping Options: Shop online or at a store near you.